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We see our work as a law firm as a passion. It is our claim to support our clients actively - on the international and national level. With the focus always on a solution that suits you and your concerns, we represent your interests in various topics in the legal field. Whether you need legal assistance in a specific matter or would like to have a reliable team of lawyers at your side over a longer period, we will accompany you in every individual life situation. In each case, we look for the best possible solution without disregarding an economically sustainable success. im meeting

Our principles

We like to think creatively and are not afraid to deal with complex legal problems. As lawyers, we always try to think outside the box to find the best solutions for our clients. Individuality and innovation are at the forefront of our legal advice and support.
Due to our education at American universities, we can combine comprehensive expertise and international experience. Attorney Daniel Schwarzl, LL.M. (WU) LL.M. (Stanford) is not only admitted to the bar in Austria but also in New York and is therefore happy to assist you with questions & concerns in the US context.
To successfully represent your rights, our law firm covers a wide range of legal areas. We specialize in civil law, real estate law, immigration law, contract law, data protection & IT law, corporate law (especially start-up consulting and venture capital), and matters concerning cryptocurrencies. Of course, we always try to apply our knowledge in an interdisciplinary manner to achieve an optimal solution approach.

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